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Selective color of a lemon! Who needs a portrait when you have fruit? A "self-portrait" of the photogerapher at Citrus Fruit Photography LLC.

Hello! My name is Will Newhall. I am an award winning photographer, and the proud owner of Citrus Fruit Photography! I sell my artwork on this website using many different forms of prints. These include canvas prints, metal prints, and even phone cases! I know art can be expensive, so I try and sell my photos as reasonable prices. If you're decorating your new house, apartment, or coffee house, you'll find what you need here!

About Me

Hi there! My name is Will Newhall, and I've been passionate about photography since I was a kid. I've pursued this passion ever since, honing my skills and expanding my knowledge. I started Citrus Fruit Photography to share my love for the craft, and offer top-quality art to everyone.

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