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Texture And Being In The Moment

Updated: Jan 10

Do you feel this image? I don't mean emotionally. Who has an emotional reaction to stitching? No, I mean do you feel the texture? Looking at the texture of this image really makes you feel... something. That's what it does to me, at least.

This image isn't really much except a close up I took of some denim jeans (I think). Yet, the texture of the jeans really pops out to me. It feels like I can feel it. It feels really weird to look at this picture and feel something. It bothers you a bit, doesn't it?

That's what I've always liked about photography. Unlike with more traditional art forms, photography often brings texture to the image. I'm not going to lie and say I know why. Honestly, I have no idea why this happens. It's just that, in my experience, people feel something more real with (good) photography.

I argue that texture and "feeling" an image is just as important as seeing an image. This might sound non-controversial, and perhaps it is. Nonetheless, that is what I think about. 

Why I think that way is a little more difficult to explain. Personally, I think that there is something to focusing on being in the present, instead of stressing about the past and worrying about the future. Often, you can't do anything about either, so why bother worrying about it?

Photography is arguably about the past and the present. You have, right in front of you, a documentation of the past. You, of course, are perpetually living in the present. This is something to think more on later.

What I'm getting at is that, when you're looking at a photo, you are looking at the past. But are you feeling it? Not always. Similarly, you are living in the present, but you're not necessarily living it. You're too busy worrying about the future or stressing about the past.

With texture in a photo you feel more from the photo, much like how you should feel more when living in the present. Maybe, we all need to take a break and observe the world around us. Live in the moment, much like how a photo preserves the moment.

What do you think about texture in photography? Reach out to me with the links at the bottom of the page!

And if you like that photo, check out some more of my work here!

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