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Travel Photography: Taking Photos and a Vacation?!

Hello! So, you may be wondering why I haven't posted in awhile. That's because... well... I don't want to! Don't get me wrong, I love writing, posting, and teaching everyone, but I need a break, you know?

So what am I doing right now, you may ask? Well, I might not be working, but I can't just stop taking photos! That would be so... so... unphotography-like. Instead, I'm taking photos in the genre of travel photography.

What is travel photography?

Well, that's a fairly broad question for a really broad field. In summary, however, travel photography is photography done documenting a trip in a location that a photographer traveled to.

For example if you went to, say, a local farmer's market in London and took photos of it, that would be an example of travel photography. In that photo you're capturing the moment, the building, and the people. In other words, you're taking a photo of your trip.

However, that's not the only type of photo that can fall into travel photography. Let's say you decide to visit a beach. You take a walk down the boardwalk, and you see a great photo of the boardwalk. It doesn't feature people or any actions of people. Outside of the structure, your camera, and you, there is nothing significant associated with humanity in the image. You take the photo.

Is this travel photography too? Well, it's documenting your trip as an artist and photographer so, yeah.

Ok, so if both of those photos count as travel photography, then why doesn't this one or this one or even this one count? That's because these were taken in the photographer's home town, and aren't documenting any sort of trip.

So "travel photography" is whatever I want it to be? Yes and no. A photo needs to have purpose. Otherwise, what's the point in taking those photos? If I take a close up of a flower, it doesn't really matter where it is, does it? However, if I take a photo of a flower native to an island I'm visiting that makes it part of my trip. So, in summary, you have to make it about the trip. In essence, travel photography is photography about the travel, not necessarily the individual subject or style.

How do I do it?

So, how does one go about doing travel photography? Do I need to hop on a plane? A train? An automobile? Well, yeah. I suppose you could be like Darwin and hop on a tortoise, but it probably won't get you very far. In order to do travel photography you, unsurprisingly, need to travel. How far and how is up to you. You just are doing photography about a trip. Focus on the trip.

What do I bring with me on this trip? (besides a camera, duh!)

What you bring with you is up to you. What do you think you need? You need a tripod? Great! A 50-200 zoom mm lens? Sure! A portable multi-color light source with adjustable stand, adjustable brightness, and a wide array of light sources it can mimic? I mean, I've never heard of someone doing that. Sounds risky.

Suffice to say, travel photography is about what you make about your trip and why. It's about the story, not the subject.

Good luck on your adventure!


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