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Life of a Photographer: Looking for Frames

I was not sure what to post today, so I decided to give you a glimpse into the life of photography. So, I have recently come across an unanticipated challenge...

I am struggling to find frames! That's right. I need to get some work hung up, but I can't seem to find the frames I need! This has been keeping me awake for the last couple weeks.

The person I'm setting up my photos for has specifically requested a certain type of frame. I agreed to this without knowing how difficult it might be. How foolish of me. I thought it might be an easy request to fulfill. Oh, how innocent and naieve I was a couple months ago.

First I thought I'd go to a local frame shop. I needed a couple custom frames anyway. Besides, who doesn't want to support local business? I was dismayed to discover that these frames would cost over 150$ each! Needless to say, this was too much. They referred me to a local print shop.

I arrived to this local print shop. They have a very good reputation for their prints. I wanted to see if they had a good reputation for their frames too. They did! However, they also informed me that their frames were also custom and exceptionally expensive. So I left, distraught.

Now you see why I like to sell some of my work here on my website and at better prices.

Clearly, neither was able to help me! Naturally, I did the only reasonable thing there was to do. Despite going into stores with massive inventories of nearly everything, I could not find what I needed. However, I came up with an idea. I found a couple frames of appropriate size. Sadly, they didn't have the number I needed, but no matter! They were not going to break me!

Next I went to the hardware store. Why, you might ask, did I need to go to the hardware store? Well, I needed screws. I also needed a specific type of hanger and some wire. Bear with me.

Once I got home, quite tired and exasperated from all the heavy lifting, I grabbed my screwdriver. I then proceeded to screw the hangers into the budget frames. Did it work? Yes it did. Am I proud of myself for this? Definitely.

Sadly, the journey is not over. Now I need to find more frames of the appropriate size and shape. So I went to Amazon. Unfortunately I have not been able to find frames with the proper width. So that's not quite so great. No matter! This shall not break me! I refuse! I will succeed!

Thanks for listening to my story about the struggles of artist life. Any suggestions for how I should handle it next?

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