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Photo Meta: Blogging as a Photographer

I know, so meta right?! I'm a photographer blogging about photography blogging as a photographer-blogger! Quite the sentence there. What do you need to know about blogging? And what have I (the blogger) learned so far?

First, what the heck is this job? Well, the solid answer is: I don't know! Blogging, much like photography, is an independent adventure. What you create and how you create it is entirely up to you! Is that fun or stressful for you?

Honestly, in my experience, blogging is like running your own business. It is what you want it to be. When you blog is up to you. Who does the blogging is up to you (though typically you will do that job.) Why you blog... well that is up to you as well. Personally, I blog for the same reason I create my photos. I do it because it's fun, and something I get to add to the world.

Stress not, for the second part of it is to find what makes you happy. Blog about what makes you smile! Blog about puppies! Blog about cereal! Heck, blog about the history of socks! Whatever makes you happiest. I think blogging is a great way for people to share what they're passionate about.

As you've probably noticed, I blog about photography. Though today I'm blogging about blogging. I blog about photography because I know a lot about the topic, and I want to share that knowledge with others. You should blog about what you know too! Blogging, in a lot of ways, is teaching. You are talking about a topic you know a lot about. Even if it's one of those blogs just about your day to day life. You know more about your day to day life than other people, so it makes sense that you could blog about it.

Thirdly, don't be too hard on yourself. Blogging is a skill that keeps growing no matter whether you've been doing it a couple weeks or a couple years. Your first post probably won't be your best and that's ok. That's good in fact! That way you can keep growing as a writer and an artist. It would truly be a shame if you couldn't grow past your first post.

Blogging is as much about learning as it is about teaching. I've learned quite a lot in this little adventure that I never thought of before. Speaking of learning, it's also great practice. A teacher of mine once told me that, no matter how long or how hard you study, your ability to write will always need improving. No one is a perfect writer. As a person who blogs (and therefore writes) a lot, I agree.

Finally, listen to yourself. You'll make your best work when you are being you. If you start to feel stressed out or like your acting, that's not genuine. Be genuine. Be yourself. Be you!

Good luck!


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