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Gallery Submission and Acceptance

Updated: Jan 10

Yikes! Looks like I've been neglecting to post recently! Sorry!

Today's topic might seem a little self-centered but, to be fair, it's for a very good reason. My work recently got placed in a gallery for a show! Understandably, I'm quite excited. I look forward to people seeing some of my work! The one that got accepted was the photo labeled "90".

If you are wondering where you might be able to find some of my work, you can see it at the Urban Arts Gallery in Salt Lake City.

The photo that got accepted in the gallery submission is titled "Not A Cabbage". This is because many, many people asked me "where [I] found these cabbages [!]" Naturally, I had to clarify that neither of these are cabbages. In fact, I have no idea what they are. I found them when I was taking photos in Amherst, Massachusetts. I liked them so much I took a photo and added them to the limited edition "Black Background" set that you can find here.

I should probably talk about why I made the photos. The idea behind these photos was to use negative space (the black background) to get viewers to focus on the details of the flower. In my presentation of the photo, I talked about how we, in our daily lives, take in so much information when we see. Yet we filter out so much of it. Using the black background, you might not filter out quite so much.

I was really happy to see that people enjoyed the photo. Understandably, it feels really good when people like your photos. It feels especially good the day your work will get accepted to a gallery. Getting into the art world is hard but, with determination, hard work, and yes, a little luck, I think anyone can get their best work presented at a gallery!

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