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Say "Cheese!"

"Cheeeese!" You say as the young, anxious photographer snaps your photo. Why does Mom make you do this awful chore? And why do photographers make you say "cheese"? It seems like such a silly thing to say! As a child, I really didn't understand this. I didn't like getting my picture taken. It just took absolutely forever, and how could this have anything to do with cheese? I didn't realize until later in life that it took forever because I wouldn't sit still. Go figure.

Yes, I do still avoid pictures of my face. Also, I don't have pictures of cheese, but I figured a photo of me saying "Cheese!" (or maybe not?) works. Don't you agree?

I digress. So why do photographers (and customers) say "cheese"? Well, think about how your mouth moves, and how you want to look when you smile for a photo. Saying "cheese" forces you to smile! Kind of interesting to think about, isn't it?

If you think about it, "cheese" isn't the only word that does this either. There are obviously words like "please,"and "sneeze." One that I once heard someone else use was "peas." Some animal themed ones that I quite like include "bees," "fleas," and "geese!"

So, now you know, using the word "cheese!" is more than just a thing photographers do for the fun of it. It has it's practical applications as well. If you are taking a photo, you can have some fun with it too!

What do you think? What word would you pick to take a pic?

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