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Skyline Road Project

Updated: May 29, 2023

Like I said in my first post, I genuinely don't know how one blogs. However, I get the impression that a blogger just kind of shares what is on their mind or publishes their "Dear Diary" type of things? So, I suppose I am going to write a post about some work I am currently doing.

Recently, I have been working on a project where I take photos of roads and walkways with a horizon line in the image. Something like this:

A draft of an image in the project
A draft of an image in the project

This is a cropped and (obviously) watermarked version of a photo from a set that I am working on. The qualities for the images in this set are fairly simple. They are photos of walkways featuring a horizon line and perspective. Some fairly basic qualities, with one catch. The sky is always altered. For example, in this image you have the blue-ish/purple-y sky.

I like to joke that my method of making art is just screwing around until I see something I like. In reality, I tend to come up with project ideas by stumbling across it while doing a different project. That is exactly what happened for The Skyline Road Project.

This was the first image I created for this project, and it was a result of curiosity. While I was working on a landscape photography project I ran across this photo. It was a good one, but it didn't quite fit the parameters of the project I was working on at that moment. I couldn't just leave it there though. I felt drawn to it. So, after I finished organizing the other project, I pulled up this photo and started messing with it.

I realized, in screwing around, that I really didn't like the sky in the image. So I started to mess with that. I wasn't quite sure what I didn't like about it. Something about it bothered me.

I realized that what bothered me was the sky. It was a complete contrast both in color and texture to the rest of the image. I couldn't quite see how to fix the texture, so I decided to mess with the color of the sky. First I turned it red, then pink, then green, then magenta, and finally purple.

It took a while to get the right shade of purple, but e I finally settled on a shade. To be completely honest though, I'm not satisfied with this purple. Something about it bothers me. What do you all think?



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